Wednesday, May 29

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Suvilahti, 19:45


This morning Auo and I left: me to work, and her to a beach where the class were going to cook sausages and toast marshmallows until it was time to go home again.

I spent the morning completing the material to send to Reidar. I began with my own epub, and added a final page with an image and a soundtrack. I spent an hour on a front cover but ran out of time before I satisfied myself. When I tested it I found it looked much better in Bluefire, which rendered the text as I wanted, but the soundtrack only played in iBooks.

I then emailed the final result to Reidar, with a promise to email the students’ own versions next week, after I have inspected them.

I had lunch with Lars, where we discussed a possible project in South Africa. Then I had my annual meeting with Tommy, where we discussed my workload, Arcada’s future and more.

This was followed by a trip to Kuulosaari, where I helped Irma and Teija set up the stall for the Parents Association cafe and food stall for the school Spring Party. I left once it was up and running and raced to Pixelache for the tail-end of a board meeting.

Now I am leaving the Pixelache AGM, where I have spent two hours going through the annual report and the accounts before being re-elected to the board. I volunteered to fillet the previous ten year’s reports to produce an ebook called A Beginner’s History of Pixelache, or something similar.

Suvilahti is part of the redevelopment that is engulfing Kalasatama. The scenery could be used to film Mad Max, as I have noted before.