Tuesday, May 28

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Itäväylä, 8:13


Auo and I are waiting for the bus, which is right on time. The day is hot and Auo is happy because it is the last week of school, and she has outings almost all week. Today they are going to cook sausages somewhere.

I will get to work to wait for Reidar to deliver the material for today’s class. Through a series of technological disasters, triumphed over by willpower and luck, the material will arrive literally one minute before the class. I will see it for the first time with the students.

At 13:00 I will join Tommy and Fred to watch O Negative, the twelve minute film that the Irish students have made. It is an interesting effort, and they had made a great attempt to make it everything they wanted. It was not quite focused enough though. The story raised questions it didn’t answer, and the main character became less of a character as the story progressed. I will decide that I like it though, and I will certainly believe them when they say that it got a standing ovation at Corhuset when they showed it there last Thursday.

By 16:15 the XML class will finally be over. Everyone will have managed to get a version of an ebook for Reidar to look at. I will mail them to him tomorrow.

At 16:30 I will race home to see Auo and Naa, while Irma completes her work-related day out, which began early this morning with a cruise on the JL Runeberg from Helsinki to Provoo.

The evening will be hot and my head will be spinning from the seven hour workshop, and so I will decide to something outside. I will remove all the carpets from the house and beat them.

Later still I will help Irma plant some flowers and have a shower.