Friday, May 14

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Arcada, 12:45


This morning we interviewed two more people who had Online Media as their second choice, and liked them both. Then we went looking for the Irish students who were supposed to be showing their movie.

I haven’t found them and nor has Jutta. I am walking along the corridor and I catch Tommy about to have lunch. He and Nicke are the only people in the whole area. We have a shouted conversation, but he doesn’t know where they are either.

I will go back and interview one more candidate whom we will also like. I will find that the last three days have left some important matters in abeyance and so I will let rip with a flurry of emails.

I will also register both Naa and I for the Midnight Run on August 1.

Them I will race home to prepare for a journey to Pellinki in the borrowed car.