Wednesday, May 22

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Main Auditorium, Arcada, 10:50


We had a slapstick morning. Irma had borrowed a car from the garage to replace the one they had broken. She had a meeting at Parliament House. Mayhem ensued.

We brought the cat in so that it would be inside while everyone was at school or work. Irma left in time to go to Parliament. The borrowed car refused to start. She raced inside to phone a taxi. The taxi driver didn’t know the street she wanted. She raced out to go by scooter and metro. The scooter wouldn’t start. She raced in and the cat raced out. Naa and I chased it but it escaped into the woods. Irma phoned a second taxi and left.

We locked the house (without cat) and left for the bus. Just before I got to Arcada Irma phoned me and said that she had got there with one minute to spare. A few seconds later she phoned again to tell me that somebody had fogotten to send her the email explaining that the meeting had been cancelled. She got the metro home, made a come of tea, and started the day again. This time, of course, the car started.

I meanwhile started the process of choosing next year’s entrants to Arcada. Having ascertained my tasks for the day, I am now sitting in the auditorium while one of three groups writes essays. Later I will explain how Online Media works, and then answer questions over lunch.

In the afternoon I will supervise the multiple choice test, which I will then mark with Ludde. After that we will choose the interviewees for tomorrow.

I will Leave Arcada to find it is pouring with rain, and will get home at exactly 21:12.