Monday, May 20

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Kitchen, 17:30


I spent the morning planning the week, and replying to emails. Some conversations with Jutta and Tommy were interspersed with this.

At midday I had a tutorial with Maija and Tony, where we looked again at their project. This was going to be for the Snowcastle Valley project, but it will now be for the project that I am calling Clearing. This is the adult, relaxation space; and for many reasons it should be much easier to conceive, build and test.

After a lunch of pork fillet, I sat through a team meeting in which the entrance examinations were discussed and planned. Jutta made an unexpected (to me at least) strategic decision that surprised me, and that I think will likely come back and bite us next year.

Leaving Arcada I realised that, outside the building, the day was very hot indeed.

Now I am at home. Irma is in the garden reading, and Auo is the in kitchen making herself a tuna salad. When I get back from washing my hands I will realise that my phone has been moved and further inquiry will reveal that Auo has just borrowed it to photograph her salad “because she can’t find her phone and she wants me to email the photo to her so that she can put it on Instagram”.

So today we have a guest photographer.

In thirty minutes Irma will leave for a Parents Association meeting, and I will do the ironing and vacuum clean. After that I will assemble a new garden chair while the cat sits and watches.

It will continue to be very hot until, suddenly, it isn’t; and then I will go back indoors.