Saturday, May 18

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Outside a church, 16:00


I got up at 10:00 and ran for about 2km, came back and had a shower. After breakfast I cycled to Prisma.

I decided to see who was online and Luke was. We all had a Google Hangout videochat with Luke and Kari, whom we met for the first time.

Now we are at Susanna and Arto’s wedding. The service has finished and we are outside blowing soap bubbles at them, using the equipment we have all been given. They are about to climb into a Cadillac and drive around the block twice to the reception, where we will all eat that sandwich-cake that is a Finnish speciality and something I have grown to love. One cake is fish and the other meat.

In the evening Auo will go to Niilia’s for a sleepover and Naa, Irma and I will watch the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be won by Denmark. I will remained unconvinced. It has apparently been the favourite for about two weeks but I will fail to find it either interesting or unusual.

The Maltese entry is much much catchier.