Friday, May 17

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Happi, 12:50


Today is the BricoLabs day at Pixelache. I spent half the morning at Arcada and then I walked to Happi, which is past Kalasatama. The last part of the walk was interesting since I had to find a way through the maze of flyovers where Itäväylä begins. I made it.

When I got there the first session was in progress. Tapio was leading it. It overran and so after a 50 millisecond break for refreshments the second session started. John Hopkins was speaking about the importance of resonance and then James Wallbank from Sheffield spoke about the Open Access workshop there.

I am watching some of his slides, and the one on the screen when I photograph it describes his Yellow Triangle theory.

After a lunchbreak the third session will begin. The day will be hot and getting hotter and numbers of people will drift out into the sun to look at the sun and then look at the city. I will leave to return briefly to Arcada and then leave for home and the weekend.

Pixelache will be leaving for Estonia later this evening and I will be sitting in the garden happily thinking about pursuing the opportunities afforded by Narrative and Pixelache.