Thursday, March 8

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The roof, 21:42

Auo and I had a late morning which meant that we got the jouko at 8:04. This is our preferred method of travel.

I spent the day doing stuff, moving from one thing to another and never quite sure that what I was doing was the most useful thing I could be doing. Nevertheless, by the time I left, some stuff had undoubtedly moved from the pile of stuff that needed doing to the pile of stuff that had been done. I had arranged meetings, emailed people, answered other people, contacted someone I hadn’t seen for fifteen years, downloaded research material about Descartes, sorted existing research material, discovered that Calibre comes in a portable edition, and much, much more.

I made sure I was home early because Irma was at Naa’s parents evening, and once home I did some ironing, some vacuum-cleaning, and some homework-supervising.

Now I have noticed that the moon is big and bright and, in order to get a decent photo, I have climbed up the side of the house to the roof.