Tuesday, March 6

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Itäväylä, 7:20

The three of us are waiting at the bus stop. The temperature is minus 10, our ears are cold, but the sky is shouting “summer!”. The sun is coming up and the few clouds are red.

In three minutes the bus will arrive to take us on our way. I will spend the morning taking the first year through the final exercise in xslt, with an example so complex it took me over an hour to get the schema to work. By lunchtime everyone will either understand it, or pretend they do. More importantly, everyone will understand the strategy we used to break the complex problem down into bit-sized chunks.

I will spend the afternoon and evening reading, writing and collecting material together. By the time I head home it will be dark and I will not be sure whether I have achieved anything or not. I didn’t write 2,000 words, that’s for sure; but maybe today wasn’t the kind of day that needed 2,000 words.