Sunday, March 4

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Itäväylä, 11:20

We started the morning slowly, and we are continuing in the same way. At the moment I am out for a head-clearing walk. The sky is blue and cloudless; and there is a definite feeling of Spring in the air. I am looking at the trafiic through the twigs that will soon be an impenetrable fence of bushes.

Later I will bump into Tarkku, also on a Sunday walk. Later still I will venture out again to get milk. By that point Auo will already by at Sirkka’s birthday party, having walked down to Anne’s house to get a lift with Silja. Naa will have left for Kamppi to do some shopping for her grandparents and stay overnight because it is much easier to get to school tomorrow for 8:00 from Kamppi than from Vartiokylä.

Everyone will go to bed early and fall asleep immediately.