Wednesday, February 29

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Arcada, 16:00

This morning I led a session for the Concept and Format course that Thomas and I run jointly. I had made a Powerpoint slide show full of facts and figures from the history of the internet and it made the whole session surprisingly easy. Perhaps surprisingly is the wrong word, since I wasn’t actually. surprised. I know it makes things simpler and means less work on the day. Perhaps what I was surpised about was that I don’t do it more often. Perhaps I will now.

I have just come from a meeting with Mats to discuss the Media Masters module that I am running, with Johnny. My week starts in three weeks time, and I wanted to check that it was not deviating from what wa expected too much. It wasn’t.

I am walking past the Online Media Studio, where nothing is happening. It was riotously busy earlier.

Later I will go home to walk into an argument about nothing that will turn into an argument about how stupid I am to imagine that it is an argument about nothing. Auo will then ask if I know how to make a tricopter, because she became enthusiastic about them during a science lesson. The word hobby can cover a wide range of activities.