Friday, May 10

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Mannerheimintie, 15:00


Since yesterday was a common holiday and tomorrow is the weekend most people have taken today off work.

Irma and I are in the centre to finally start my company. We have been to the office in Kamppi, filled in the formans and paid the money. Now we have walked down to Kiasma and wandered around the bookshop for thirty minutes.

Both Irma and I have lost our voices, following the major colds we caught last weekend in Sundö. We are walking along to a drug store to get throat lozenges. Both sides of Forum are covered with huge posters of Beyonce advertising H&M bikinis. This is apparently what she does nowadays.

It is suddenly like summer. It is hot and dry and the sky is the kind of light blue that photographs as white.

Later we will go home, collect the car, and shopping for the weekend.