Wednesday, May 8

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Ehrensvärdintie, 19:50


This morning I sat through the pecha kucha that the first year had made. Two of them were excellent.

After that I worked furiously on preparations for the unconference in one week’s time. I finished the website, reworked all the content to make it less abstract and more practical, and then launched phase two of the project. I posed a question, asking what two contributions people were prepared to make to the day, and challenged people to answer it.

At 17:45 I was at Eliaskoulu to watch Naa’s eurythmics performance. It was good. All the class has a part and all performed convincingly. It was interesting to finally see the pedagogy in action – or rather the outcome of the pedagogy in action.

Now we are walking away form the school to where Irma has parked the car.