Saturday, May 4

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Sandholmsudden, 14:30


Last night was not too cold, but it was not easily mistaken for warm either. We woke slowly.

The day was bright and blue, and we carried on working in the garden. I emptied last year’s toilet, the contents of which had (almost) turned themselves into compost. I dug a hole and dropped it in. Then we went looking for a rose to plant there, since last year’s did so well and is still alive.

We went to Ann-Maj’s nursery but she was in Borgå so we went to Garda’s shop, but that was closed, and so now we are at Benita’s. The wind is very chilly but the day is nice, and Kalle Tillman is entertaining a small but amused table.

Irma will play with her new portable gramophone, and we will listen to the contents of a bag of random LPs that we got from the shed just before we left. Thirty years too late I will finally hear Howard Jones.

The cat will be out until it is dark and we are beginning to get worried.