Friday, May 3

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Hämeentie, 13:20


I was first up today. Naa was at Kamppi and Irma was planning to take Auo to school at 10:00. I got the bus at Alepa at 8:03.

I spent the morning backing up and meeting Tony. We spent two hours talking through the 1248 social game, before deciding to change plans. The wireframes were neither clear enough nor well thought through. We turned them into jpgs and loaded them on our phones and they were unreadable. It was also clear that they would be unusable.

Tony and I drew on the whiteboard and made a second set of wireframes which we thought would work. We agreed to try to meet with Samuel next Wednesday. Our new plan calls for us to assemble the game kit before summer and devise and play the game in the autumn.

I went for lunch to carry on a discussion about combining more with the event producers, which sounds like a very good idea to me. Now I am outside the building looking at the big tree, before I race back in and make some major amendments to the narrative site.

AFter that it will be a swift journey home, some packing, and our first weekend in Sundö this year.