Thursday, May 2

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Hämeentie, 13:45


This morning I got Naa up at 7:00 and then Auo and I left at 9:00. The sun was very bright and the wind was very strong.

I spent most of the morning in a lengthy Skype call with Jutta, dealing with the boxes: the Excel spreadsheet that maps out the new students’ classes for the next four years. Since this has to tie in with everyone else’s teaching, and has to take place in a logical order, it is a tricky task that we both hate.

At lunchtime I went to meet Stefan in the cafe outside the library at Arabia. We had a long, discursive and useful conversation and arranged to meet again in August.

Now I am walking back to Arcada and, looking over the road, I realise that Christo is in town. The building opposite is where the tram used to stop and turn round before the line was extended to take account of all the new housing along the shoreline. Now it is being redeveloped in some way that is currently hidden.

When I get to Arcada I will work furiously on the N1 website before leaving for Kamppi to collect my birthday present from Irma’s parents and buy an all-in-one record player from Clas Ohlson.

I will get home to discover how Auo’s concert rehearsal went.