Tuesday, April 30

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Vartiokylantie, 8:15


Naa is at Kamppi and AUo and I are on our way to the bus stop. It is Vappu eve and the man who usually sells balloons at these kinds of events is pumping up his wares in his front garden. They are glittering in the morning sun.

By the time I get to work the sun will have gone and the sky will be a uniform grey. The grey will get darker as the morning wears on, and I will be glad that I am not going to be racing home to drive to Pellinki.

There will be very few people at Arcada and I will start to make the website for the N1 unconference in earnest. It has to be ready on May 2.

I will leave in the early afternoon and be back home by 15:30.

At 18:00 we will be at Bello and Maija’s Vappu party for adults and children. Fun will be had by all.