Sunday, April 28

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Garden, 16:00


We had brunch just before midday, and then Irma and I went to Kontula to get her scooter. While we were there I piled the back of the car full of logs. I drove the car home while Irma drover off on the scooter.

Next came gardening, and we weren’t the only ones. The whole street was taking advantage of the first fullly Spring-like Sunday, and putting their summer lawn furniture out. Irma and Naa planted, and I got the garden table and chairs down from the shed roof.

Then I got the bikes out of the shed and tested all the tyres.

It is so warm that Irma has brought out the special sausages she bought from Crazy Days. Auo has taken one look at them and gone to Alepa to buy some “normal sausages”. I have cleaned the barbecue, Auo and I have moved it out of the shed, and here I am grilling for the first time in nine or ten months.

Auo and I will eat outside, and Naa and Irma will decide that it is not quite hot enough and eat indoors. The cat will wander around looking happy.

Later it will be so happy that it will make the effort to catch a mouse and bring it home. Unlike Moonshine it kills them first, so at least we do not have to chase mice all over the house.