Friday, April 26

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Jan-Magnus Janssons plats, 14:00


I got up, breakfasted on my own, and left early. Irma is working and home and Auo’s school starts at 10:00.

I spent the whole morning in a departmental meeting that looked at our new development plans, with an expanded business school and a vanishing media technik course. The media teknik students will be absorbed into the new business analytics courses, and thus potentially move out of our orbit.

Much of the morning revolved around the consequences of this. The consequences of this, of course, will not result from policy decisions or from good intentions, but from practical projects and cross departmental projects that do or don’t happen. I left the meeting concerned about what this will mean for Johnny, and for the informal team that he, Jutta and I have formed.

I then briefly met a man from YLE, and performed a live interview with Tuulikki so that Tommy could demonstrate the multi-camera iPad app that is his latest research interest.

The weather has been grayer this morning but, for the moment at least, the sun has returned and I am outside in the square clearing my head. The lions, as always, are asleep. Within an hour the sky will be uniformly grey and as the afternoon progresses it will darken.

I will spend the afternoon beginning the Narrative website, while listening to Gavin Bryars’ 2007 version of The Sinking of the Titanic on headphones. I have had it for a couple of years but only listened to it a couple of times. It will sound more interesting than I was expecting, once we get past the first ten minutes of all-consuming static.

In the evening I will continue to explore plugins with the Dynamic Websites class, while introducing them to strategies for safeguarding and securing their sites.