Tuesday, April 23

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Sörnäinen, 7:50


This morning was colder and cloudy, and on the way it rained slightly. It still felt like Spring though, as Auo happily pointed out.

I am waiting for the tram looking at the nakkikioski and the grey sky through the trees.

I will spend the morning at a thesis seminar where I will be the supervisor for two out of the three theses presented. All will pass, and one of them will pass with flying colours.

After this I will run a short revision class for the two XML students who have requested it, eat some gorgonzola and crispbread, and prepare for tomorrow’s Dynamic Websites course.

At 15:00 I will sit down with Tommy and Jutta to meet the people from Köln that they met in Germany a few weeks ago. This is one of those long term projects that are more likely to not happen than to happen, but have to be approached as though they are certain to happen because that is the outcome everybody wants.