Sunday, April 21

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Home, 15:30


The winter has finally gone. Yesterday and today we woke up to bright blue skies with no wind and a warm breeze. In the last week the snow has almost completely melted and there are now aonly tiny patches. In seven days it has gone from snow with the ground beginning to appear to ground with a few remaining piles of snow. The plants are coming out as rapidly as they can and the cat is now demanding to spend time outdoors.

Naa is going to be Susanna’s new daughter’s godmother, and this has meant that she has had to get christened. She has been going for discussions with the local priest and thoday she is having her confirmation service.

We left the house at 13:30 and drove to the church. At about 14:45 we drove back, in different configurations. I went with Päivi and Leo, because she wanted to get a rose for Naa, and she was concerned to getting from the church to Plantagen to our house would involve getting lost.

Now we are at home. Naa’s classmate Teo has a mother who loves to bake and Irma arranged for her to make most of the cakes for today. Irma made three savoury pies and a bowl of salad. The chevre pie is award-winningly good. Irritatingly it is too filling to eat too much of!

We will spend the afternoon with Irma’s parents and sister; Susanna, Arto and their baby daughter Vanessa, Päivi and her son Leo, Tarkku, and Naa’s friends Roosa and Emelia.

The day will be a big success and (most importantly) Naa will have a good time, and feel very happy afterwards.

In the evening we will eat more pie and go to bed early.