Sunday, April 14

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Vartiokyläntie, 17:20


Irma and I had had a glass of wine last night and this morning I woke up slowly. The snow has melted rapidly while I have been away and grass is beginning to be visible in the garden. Spring has come to Finland.

At 13:30 Auo, Irma and I were at Munkkivuori church, where Antti and Hanna’s middle son Matias is getting confirmed. The service lasted for two hours and the priest used both a cordless microphone and a leather bound iPad to conduct it.

Afterwards we went back to Antti and Hanna’s for a delicious meal of salmon, salads, and cake. We had to leave early because Irma had another appointment. A group of people from Kerala want her and Auo to attend their society meeting.

They are late so they drop me at Prisma when they turn to go down the ring road, and I walk home.

When I get there I will do some of the cleaning I didn’t do when I wasn’t there, and chat with Naa.