Friday, February 24

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Rohdinkuja, 17:20

I seem to have developed a new sleep habit, which I had better abandon when the Intrepid Adventurers arrive back next Monday. I have been waking up in the middle of the night to write things down or look things up, remaining wide awake for about forty five very productive minutes, befor falling back into a deep contented sleep. Then waking up early, bright and fresh. Naa was asleep when I left this morning which wasn’t surprising since I left early.

I spent the morning in Snowcastle Valley, and the afternoon in a planning meeting. I am more and more sceptical about planning meetings. I used to think that I was just unlucky to attend ones that were ineffective but increasingly I suspect that the whole idea of “planning” is flawed. Still, since this one was held in English entirely for my benefit, I joined in with gusto, and “planning” ensued.

Now I am arriving home. The ground is in that wonderfully dangerous state where every flurry of snow you step on could be loosely scattered over a sheet of deadly ice. I am walking slowly.

Later I will fix the search and tag systems on this site by way of displacement activity. I love displacement activity: as long as you have three things to do one of them always gets done! AFter that I will have a two hour chat with Luke on Skype, read a little and go to bed.