Thursday, April 11

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River Liffe, 18:50


Today I started at 10:00 with a talk to Year 2. These are the students who may choose to spend six months at ARcada next year, and my job was to enthuse them to do just that. I talked for an hour or more about the facilities that we have, about how Helsinki is hardly any more expensive than Dublin, and about how our project-based work could enable them to carry out almost any project they can imagine.

Then at 11:30 it was time to teach the third year about WordPress. Deirdre had asked for a two-hour introduction to managing a WordPress site, and that is what they got.

I just missed the LUAS on the way back and so I wandered around the area for fifteen minutes. I noticed that Captain America, where I ate once last year, has now closed. So has the Turkish supermarket and a nightclub. The recession has left noticeable marks.

I have now made a very foolish mistake. Lured by the apparent lack of rain I got off the LUAS a couple of stops early to walk down to the river and into Temple Bar. I am now at the river and rain is starting to fall. Within three minutes it will have achieved the status of a monsoon. Everyone will be huddled in doorways and I will race into the nearest sanctuary.

This will turn out to be Burger King, and so my dream of a traditional Irish stew will be replaced by a Whopper, shake and fries. When the rain has reduced itself to a mere torrent I will run home, where I will hang my jeans and coat up to dry, have a shower and watch television.