Saturday, April 6

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Itäväylä, 17:00


I have spent the day leading the first Dynamic Websites workshop. The day began with the final lesson, in which I explained about plugins, and how they worked with themes. I introduced two themes that I suggested people use as the starting point for their own explorations: Mantra and Suffusion-

Both of these themes have full control panels that enable you to change almost all aspects of the themes from the number and width of the columns, to the typefaces and line-spacing, as well as the colors and images.

As I expected it was at this point in the course that the wide variations in previous experience, concentration and determination began to show. I spent six happy hours dealing with a wide range of technical, design and computer issues, but by the time everyone left I had the feeling that at least 22 of the 26 were happy with their progress.

Now I am walking along Itäväylä, having just got off the bus. The sun is out and it is warm. When I get home Irma will suggest we have a glass of cider in the garden, and we will sit there for the first time since last autumn. The cat will wander around looking as happy as cats ever look.

Much later, after dinner and some more cider, I will fall asleep while Irma watches a programme on television about making an edible replica of Buzz Aldrin.