Friday, April 5

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Itävaylä, 7:15


I have had a cold for the last few days, and the summer coat that I have been wearing has not helped. Auo and I mistimed our exit and are now standing at the bus stop waiting for nine minutes for the next bus. I am wishing for a longer and thicker coat, and watching the sparse traffic racing from Helsinki to Porvoo.

There goes the Porvoo bus.

By the time our bus arrives, Auo will have updated Subway Surfers to the new Sydney course and be on her way to beating her high score. Just before she gets off the metro I will raise my high score to 15,400. She will be completely unimpressed.

Hanna is teaching at Arcada today and we will meet for coffee at 10:00. I will spend the rest of the day writing outlines, including a new one for the 1248 project, and reading drafts of student theses.

At 17:00 we will begin sessions five and six of the Dynamic Websites course.