Sunday, March 31

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Rantakahvila Meridian, 14:00


The clocks went forward this morning, the weather appeared warm, and the snow continued to melt rapidly. After brakfast and an hour of catching up on the news, we decided to go for a walk.

We walked down by the sea and it was quickly clear that the appearance of warmth was an illusion. We sat in the Meridian cafe drinking Coke Zero. Unsurprisingly we were the only people there.

Now we have left and I am looking at it. It opened for the year on Friday, and we have just sat there listening to the kind of retro jazz-pop that we both dislike. Fly me to the moon: no thank you.

We will go home and eat when Naa arrived back.

In the evening Sunshine will go out and disappear and not return until 23:40, right at the point when we will have given up and got ready for bed. It will be very warm and dry, and we will suspect that somebody has taken it in for the evening.