Monday, March 25

YEAR:  2013 | Tags:  |

Kaisaniemi, 8:55


Auo and I went off to school at 8:00, and I carried on to the centre. I have agreed to meet my life coach for my second session in the University Library at 9:00. I have arrived to discover that it does not, in fact, open until 9:00 and so I am loitering outside.

As soon as it opens I will race in and sit in exactly the same chair at exactly the same table that we used last time. The theory here is that this will make identifying each other easier. I will wait until 9:30. Nobody will identify me. I will leave.

I will decide that this is a perfect methodology for a second session: leave the client sitting in expectation thinking about the things that he would have talked about if the session had taken place. If she had phoned me as I left I would have accepted this as an explanation and admired her trickster-like technique. Unfortunately she will not phone me and I will sit on the metro on the way to Arcada wondering about the advisability of a third session. (Or second, depending on the view you adopt about what has just transpired.)