Saturday, March 23

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Uiskotie, 16:40


We had a good late brunch with a variety of cheeses.

We had spent some of yesterday evening talking about things we could do in the house “in the long term”. We therefore set off to K-Rauta to look at the kind of floor tiles that we might find on sale “in the long term”. We chose some. We then went to Prisma for a small amount of shopping and some motor oil.

Finally we went somewhere else that turned out to be here. We are by the sea looking for the special sticks-with-buds that girls use to decorate and take round the neighbourhood begging candy in a traditional spring ceremony. Tomorrow, is apparently, the day that this happens. This year, the buds are late and we can hardly find any at all.

We will take them home and Auo will start decorating them. I will offer the opinion that Auo might be too old for this. Irma will point out that the reward is candy, and Auo may never be too old for it.