Friday, March 22

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Hameentie, 7:50


I woke up at 6:30 feeling like myself for the first time since we got back from Berlin. I had spent the night sleeping and hadn’t woken even once shivering or sweating. I got Auo up at 6:45 and we left for school and work.

I have got off the tram and I can see two men and a wooden horse on the pavement. A surprising number of people are pretending that they can see no such thing. I ask them what it says on the sign. They turn it round and it says To Iceland in Finnish. I ask them what the horse is called and they say something that sounds like Pedro. I do not, of course, ask them why they are standing there.

I will spend the morning on a variety of tasks. I will process some student applications, sign some forms, write some emails, have a long conversation with Jutta, and eat lunch. I will have Indian style saithe with boiled potatoes.

In the afternoon I will have another long conversation with the cultural producers, and start playing with a lightbox for WordPress.

Later we will go to Prisma and shop for food and drink until we are ready for the weekend to begin.