Sunday, March 10

YEAR:  2013 | Tags:  | |

Sandö, 14:00


Mikael and Camilla invited us to a barbecue on the Sandö, which is one of the outermost islands in the Pellinki archipelago. Naa had to prepare for three exams and so the rest of us set off for Sundö after breakfast.

We got there, said hello, got changed, packed the sledge and set off. I sat at the back of the snowmobile and the others (including Amy the sheepdog) sat in the sledge. We drove to Miina’s and collected her. She has her own quad-bike with chains on the wheels so she followed us. We then stopped somewhere else where me met a man with a hovercraft.

Now we are at Sandö, where we will walk around and then barbecue sausages and steaks. It is extraordinary driving between the islands, across a terrain that looks like something from a science fiction film. Who knew that the ice formed waves and was not flat at all?

It will take us about forty minutes to drive back across the ice.