Thursday, February 23

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Home, 12:15

Yesterday when I came home Moonshine was playing round in the garage so I went round the car looking for him. While I was doing this I looked up at the shelf and saw that the lead for the car heater was missing. I hunted around in case it had fallen off, then looked further in case it had fallen off and an animal had tried dragging it. As far as I could see it wasn’t there, but when I stopped looking Moonshine was by the door waiting to be let in.

I could’t understand this so I mentioned it at work. Johnny said it had been stolen by someone who saw it or knew it was there; because a) they were expensive, b) they were only sold in a very few shops, and c) he had had one stolen under similar circumstances last year. He suggested that I check the neighbours’ cars. I googled and fortunately two of the very few places are in Herttaniemi and so this morning I drove to Merteil in Sahaajankatu and handed over 40€ in exchange for 2.5 metres of cable.

Fortunately it is +7 today, although it is snowing heavily again, so I didn’t need the cable to start the car.

Now I am back at home about to have a second session of writing. The first one, before breakfast, produced 1800 words. This one had better do the same. The purple cactus on the window ledge seems completely unfazed by the snow and is flowering away quite happily.

Later I will go to Tennispalatsi for the opening of an exhibition called Lelun Lumo, Lekens förtrollning or Of Toys and Men, depending which language you wish to talk about it in. I will feel a childish glee looking at the video installations by Pierrick Sorin, in which live actors are placed in dolls houses and similar toy-based environments where they perform repetitive slapstick routines.