Thursday, March 7

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Jan-Magnus Janssons plats, 9:50


This morning Naa and I left early, while Irma and Auo slept on.

I got to Arcada and read through the preliminary essays for the Digital Mediascapes course again. This time I made notes of all the different innovations that had been suggested, to use in a popplet I will make during tonight’s opening session.

I sat and talked with Johnny and Jutta about what the future may or may not hold for Arcada in general and online media in particular. We decided to make another attempt to get subscriptions for ourselves.

Now I am downstairs checking some technical details, before I make final preparations for my lectures this evening. While I am here I wander out into the square and look at Prakticum and fantasise about having another lunch there very soon. Both Prakticum and Arcada have glass walls and, in the Spring sun, the building is a mass of reflections, and reflections of reflections.

Soon Deirdre will arrive for her afternoon workshops. These will be very popular and go very well.

At 16:00 I will start the MA course, and lead the first two sessions. This too will go well, at least as far as I can tell. I will find out later when I get the students’ learning diaries.

At 17:45 I raced home, and spoke with Deirdre on the phone on the tram. She has had a very good time and is planning on bringing her family back in the summer. We will arrange to meet if they come.

The two of us will meet anyway in Dublin in April.