Wednesday, March 6

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Home, 20:15


Deirdre arrived from Dublin last night, and I had a chat with her on the phone. This morning she found her way to ARcada and we met to set up her lecture this afternoon. At 11:45 Tommy, Jutta, Deirdre and I went for a lunch at Prakticum. I had carpaccio with warm potato salad, followed by chicken breast on a bed of sweet potato. The dessert was three kinds of home made ice-cream. Deirdre had fish.

In the afternoon Deirdre did her lecture to a full house, and everyone left happy. She wandered off to the centre where the Irish exchange students were promising to show her what a good time in Helsinki is like. I left for home.

Naa and I pulled sheets and I ironed them, while Auo and Irma went off to the cello lesson.

I had intended to photograph my lunch but it turned out not to matter. Irma and Auo had been to Stockmann on the way home and we all had cakes for supper. I am about to eat the richest American cheesecake I have ever tasted. By the time I get to the end of this slice I will genuinely feel that I could not have another.