Saturday, March 2

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Hakaniemihalli, 15:00


This morning, I started the day by irnong a freshly laundered table cloth. After a late breakfast, I decided to completely clear the ice from the path at the side of the house, where at least three of us have almost slipped over in the last few days. I was encouraged by the fact that the snow was melting in the front, and it was no more than an hour’s work.

Now I am showered and the girls have gone to the library. We are at Hakaniemihalli and We have just bought olives and feta cheese from Maustekeidas. I am looking at the Parhiala stall, where all manner of teas and coffees are available, while Irma buys fresh joghurt. After this we will go to the Oriental supermarket where I will buy instant noodles. We will deliver these and my cardboard boxes from Ikea to Arcada on the way home.

Later we will sit around chopping vegetables while Irma makes home-made meatloaf, with pasta and a greek salad.

I like Saturdays.