Friday, March 1

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Prisma, 18:45


I spent the day battling with the group doing Real Time Web. They had gone off last Friday to fine-tune the ideas that they had developed during that session, with a view to returning this morning with a first version of the game mechanics. Instead they had returned with a complicated game that had jettisoned absolutely everything form last week and did not, in any case, have a detailed set of game mechanics.

Their oddly sketchy proposal involved somebody (they knew not who) writing native apps for iOS and Android in the next two weeks. These apps had to include AI zombies that were visible to any number of players simultaneously.

By 16:00 we had another game, based on a second proposal that they had apparently discussed and rejected, that did relate back to the original purpose and did seem to be feasible. I left them to work out detailed game mechanics, in the hope that nobody would mention zombies again next week.

Now I am at Prisma with Irma, buying whatever we are buying. Later we will relax on the sofa and watch CSI:Miami, because every weekend should begin with some mindless fun.