Tuesday, February 26

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Arabiankeskus, 16:50


I have spent the whole day teaching. I began at 10:00 with XML and continued from 13:15 until 16:00 with Concept & Format.

I then raced to TAIK for the weekly doctoral seminar to hear a presentation about research into designing with children, from a Korean doctoral student. As usual the atmosphere was strange in the question and answer session that followed, in that people did not so much ask questions as stridently announce what they would do if it was their research. It felt like listening to people explaining what their team did wrong in the football match. “What they should have realised was…”

Now I am in the mall getting some cheese for my crispbread, because its Tuesday and Tuesday is eating time. For some reason I have wandered upstairs to see if anything has changed (it hasn’t) and to check on the fire engine. Once I have completed my inspection I will return to Arcada and settle down to read through what I have written with a view to completely rewriting the first two chapters tomorrow.

Finally I will leave to purchase some milk and transport it home.