Friday, February 22

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Arabia, 15:51


Auo came to Arcada with me today. This was her decision, because she wanted to see what I was teaching using her Choose Your Own Adventure books. We left in time to get the 8:38 bus and missed it. We walked down to Alepa and just got the 95.

I spent the morning getting the class up to speed, and we stopped for an early lunch. Auo had crispy fish chunks and mashed potatoes and I had vegetable chilli con carne. We were joined by Tommy, Fred and Katarina.

In the afternoon the session grew much livelier and we found ourselves with a progressively more detailed plan. We finished by setting up discussion groups in Its Learning.

Afterwards, while I was catching up on email, Affe said the restaurant was having happy hour, so we went down and got two Dumle muffins.

Now we are on our way home. The sky is blue, and the weekend starts here.