Wednesday, February 20

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Tikkurila, 17:00


This week is ski holiday week, and the girls are off school. This morning Naa went off to see Åke and Auo and I left to spend the day at Heureka. Before this I did the ironing, which had been lying on the shelf since Sunday.

We met Irma on the metro on her way to a meeting in Kamppi. WE got off at Rautatientori and stopped at Subway for an early lunch. Auo has started liking it since she went there with her friends one Saturday. She got a 30cm tuna sub and I had a third of it.

We have spent about four and a half hours in Heureka looking and doing. Auo’s classmate Alexandra was there with her father and step-family, and so they went running around together for some time. We watched a presentation in the planetarium about the life and death of the universe. Auo listened to a finnish soundtrack and I got the original Whoopi Goldberg commentary.

On the way back we wandered into the centre of Tikkurila, which took us less than ten minutes. Now we are on the station platform waiting for a train back to Helsinki.

We will stop at Hesburger in Rautatientori, because a sub sandwich only lasts so long.