Sunday, February 17

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Teollisuuskatu, 16:20


We had a long late breakfast today, after which I cleaned the drains with the new implement. It seemed to work. They are no longer completely blocked with snow.

In the afternoon Auo, Irma and I went to Kamppi with the new television that we had bought for Irma’s parents. I installed it and then set up her mother’s computer. The hardest part about setting up the television was trying to work out how to attach it to the stand. For some reason this was not even mentioned in the instructions.

We then carried the old television out to the car. This was an original, pre-LED widescreen television and the heaviest television I have ever seen.

Now we are on our way home, coming up to the 24 hour McDonalds near Sörnäinen. There is a row of partly demolished buildings, and this one was apparently the headquarters of OP-Pankki.

Since next week is Spring Break, the official skiing holiday, there will be no school. Irma has tomorrow off and so we spend a relaxed and jolly evening with nobody except me having to prepare for tomorrow.