Saturday, February 16

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Sörnäisten rantatie, 14:00


Everyone woke up happy and surprisingly early for a long and funny breakfast.

At 12:45 Irma took Auo and Naa to the metro station. They were on their way to the National Theatre to see a contemporary play of Frankenstein with Laura, Katja and Wiljam. Laura had been worried that they might find the show too frightening. Since the play is derived from the original book, I was worried that they might find it impossibly tedious.

Once they had gone Irma and I went shopping. We are going to Hakaniemi Halli for fresh food and Greek olives and cheese. I notice this car opposite where we have managed to find a parking space. In thirty minutes I will discover that it belongs to Lennävä Lehmä, the cheese stall where Irma will buy some farm fresh yogurt.

After this we will walk around the Asian and African shops in Hakaniemi, and I will buy some Thai pot noodles.

When the girls arrive back I will discover that I was closer to the truth than Laura. The play had indeed been a lengthy discourse about what it means to be human, about what it means to have and not have friends, and about the unbearable loneliness of loneliness.

The girls were not frightened.