Sunday, February 10

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Tilkka, off Mannerheimintie, 14:50


This morning I cleared more snow and slush for an hour, before showering.

Tomorrow Irma’s parents will be moving back to their apartment. This afternoon we are helping them to pack their temporary accommodation into boxes for the removal men. It is still snowing.

Auo has opted to stay at home, and Naa has gone to the shop to get a final round of groceries while Irma and I wrap and pack. We decide to take the computer and monitor to Kamppi ourselves, and in an hour or so we will drop them there.

On the way home we will stop at Prisma, where is is Tupla Bonus Päivä, and buy a television. Irma’s mother has been delighted with the one at Tilkka and we saw the same model in Prisma yesterday. While we are there Irma will point out the Targus stylus for iPads and I will get one to match my smart cover. When I get home and try it, I will realise exactly how good it is, and how useful it will be with Drafts.

In the evening I will map out a second adventure book. This time I will choose Elevator to Nowhere, number 34 in the Give Yourself Goosebumps series.