Friday, February 8

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Arcada, 12:50


This morning all three of us left at the same time, which was one bus earlier than we had intended. I almost missed my stop because I was updating my diary on the iPad. Fortunately Naa noticed and tapped me on the knee. I phoned her to say thanks.

Rector’s Info was at 10:00 and the info was that there will be definitive info soon.

I spent the morning with the Real Time Web group, and we began to make speedy progress with devising a social game. By lunch we did not have a game, but we had a set of ideas that were all pointing in the same direction. I looked out of the window and saw that it was snowing har again.

Downstairs someone has set up a large exhibition of Lego Mindstorms. I am spending ten minutes wandering around it. Every time I see them I think that AUo would benefit enormously from programming them. I am thinking this again now.

In the afternoon I will bring out the sets of On The Edge playing cards, because they will suddenly seem relevant for this project. Some times things seem to orbit round me life, and this will be one of those times.

By the time we leave we will all feel like they have caught hold of something.

In the evening we will go to Kamppi, where the repairs have been completed. We will move furniture back to its right place and tidy up. Then we will start the weekend.