Friday, February 17

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Outside Arcada, 15:30

I went to work as usual and oversaw the group research into the virtual world that will become Snowcastle Valley. This was the first day that we have been using the newly created social world that (thanks to my work yesterday) now resides on the Arcada server. We are at last beginning to bring the separate group work together into one world.

Now I am leaving Arcada into the continuing snow. The sky is now unrelenting gray and the snow is falling heavily. I am going to go home via Itäkeskus library to return four weeks that are well overdue. While I am there I will stop at K-Market to get the sachets of cat food that the cats seem to love. Ironically it is an own-brand cheapy, so the fact that they prefer it to anything else suits everyone.

In the evening I will begin my Serious Writing Weekend!