Saturday, February 2

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Home, 15:10


We got past last might’s end-of-the-week grumpiness in five minutes and started having laugh-out-loud weekend fun. It had snowed a little yesterday but everyone agreed that it couldnstaybthere. It was neatly covering what had been threatening to turn into a skating rink.

A breakfast Auo announced that Silja’s party was an Idols party and she had no idea who to go as. After an hour or so of failing to find anything she liked that was also possible we googled famous women and top of the list was Marilyn Monroe. Since she was blonde, and her trademark features were bright red lipstick and heavy eye make up, this seemed perfect and very practical.

Auo was very dubious and possibly embarrassed at the thought of going as one of the twentieth century’s leading sex symbols. In the end she decided to forget about dressing up altogether. She has just left for the party as herself, and I am in the garden waiting for Irma. On her way out Auo pointed out that the sky was an unusual blue, and so it is.

In a few minutes, we are going to Kontula to pick up some wood that Pate has left for us. When we get back Irma will make a delicious but unnameable lamb and pasta dish, using the last of our Sundö lamb.

We will eat this when Auo returns at six o’clock, and spend the evening amusing ourselves until its time to go to bed.