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Pixelache is “is a transdisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism”. I have been aware of it for several years, and I have occasionally attended workshops. Last year In 2011 became more involved, and organised a Virtuality Grand Tour in the autumn. I then helped with Camp Pixelache in summer 2012, where I met Vinay Gupta for the first time.

After this I joined the board, and I am now a board member.

According to the Pixelache web site, among

our fields of interest are: experimental interaction and electronics; renewable energy production/use; bioarts and art-science culture; grassroot organising and networks; politics and economics of media/technology; alternative economic cultures; VJ culture and audiovisual performances; media literacy and engaging environmental issues.

The name of Pixelache was found in an article that predicted new words which we would need in future. The word ‘pixelache’ (similar to ‘headache’) was supposed to describe the feeling that results from an overdose of digital media content. This overdose can happen easily if the content is too monotonic – which is the case if standards, formats, tools and design principles converge to a narrow set of options.

Pixelache wants to challenge mainstream standards and conventions, not only related to media and technology, but in the contemporary society in general.

At the time I first became seriously involved, Pixelache operated from an office in the Cable Factory. At the end of 2012 the organisation moved to new premises in Suvilahti at Kaasutehtaankatu 1/21 in Rakennus/Building 7.

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