Tuesday, January 29

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Arabiankeskus, 13:50


This morning I wrestled with XML schema to the delight and excitement of the first year students. “Give us more xml to parse”, they squealed excitedly. And then I woke up. And there I was explaining about XML schema to the first year students, who were looking as interested as could reasonably be expected in the cirumstances.

At 13:00 I was at Arabiankeskus to meet Stefan and find out what he thought of the first draft of the empirical section of the thesis. It is now 13:45 and I am still waiting. I am looking down the long sloping corridor to the outer door, while deciding whether or not to wait any longer.

I will return to Arcada and engage in a frenzied email conversation with Mats and Riita which will result in us all agreeing to meet next week. I will also learn that Stefan had a syncing issue between his iPhone and Mac which resulted in our appointment duplicating itself and ending up on Tuesday and Thursday. So we will agree to follow Stefan’s calendar and meet on Thursday in Zucchini.

At 16:45, after noticing that this site appears to be offline or at least timing out, I will head to Pixelache for a board meeting. There we will discuss some interesting decisions and make some interesting plans. We will be joined at 19:00 by the Experts Group, and after bread and cheese I will return to Arcada to collect my iPad which will ask to be given the new iOS 6.1.

I will pull up a chair and let it update itself before heading into the now very slippery streets.