Saturday, January 26

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The garden, 15:30


The day began with the girls baking a cake, and continued with Irma cooking a huge meal. In the afternoon Auo and I went to Prisma to buy wine, beer and candles. Now the food is mostly done, and the pig-dog-koala is in the garden with a candle on its head.

At 17:00 Antti and Hanna will arrive with their three boys. We will eat salad and karelian pies, followed by huge bowls of really tasty salmon soup with rye bread. At some stage the table cloth will be flooded with red wine. The chocolate cake will prove to be absolutely delicious.

At about 21:00 Samuel will drive the two younger boys home before getting the bus to Porvoo where he is planning on going to a club. At about midnight Antti and Hanna will leave and we will fail to finish the beer.

While getting ready for bed Irma will somehow break the door handle for the front door in half.