Wednesday, January 23

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Itäväylä, 17:20


This morning I finished (almost finished) the first draft of the first section of the thesis. Which is to say that I decided that I had finished it until I read it back again and decided that I hadn’t.

This afternoon I put this to one side to concentrate on making a detailed plan for the Digital Landscape MA course that starts on March 7. I also chatted with Jutta, planned some of next week’s classes and gave some belated grades. Thos people who didn’t get belated grades got an email reminding them that they had not completed their tasks.

Now I am getting off one of the new buses which speeds away in the twilight leaving flashes of light on my too-slow camera.

When I get home I will do some ironing and then clean copious amounts of cat fur from the floor. Auo and Irma will go to Auo’s cello practice and after they return I will go to Alepa to buy milk. Just before I do I will notice that it has suddenly started to snow very heavily.

It will be a winter wonderland when I walk down the hill.