Monday, January 21

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Arcada, 15:40


This morning Naa was still at Roosa’s. Auo had an appointment with the school doctor, so she went to school with Irma, while I left earlier.

At work I read a student report; wrote several emails to explain to students who had missed last weeks sessions exactly what they had missed; added some more learning material to Its Learning, reconfigured my Writeroom folder to fit my new PIE system, and chatted with Jutta as she breezed in and out of the room between meetings. I also had a talk with Thomas and Kia, the new events producers about my enthusiasm for gaming and my plans to introduce ARGs into the curriculum at three pints this semester.

In the afternoon we had a Team Meeting and, having finished that, we are moving furniture from one end ofthe building to the other. We have finally got the whole of the A3 corridor for our use, and we have to take the furniture from two classrooms to the new rooms.

Soon I will leave for home with a sore back. There I will iron, clean, and help both Auo and Naa with assorted homework. We will all play with the cat.

Irma will arrive home about 20:30 after a meeting with community groups.